Cathy Daigle, LLC

Excellence in Financial Divorce Consulting


Cathy Daigle is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Certified Financial Planner providing fee-only divorce financial planning services to clients within the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.     Her educational approach assists families make more informed financial decisions during the divorce process with a goal of ultimately reaching a durable settlement agreement.


Cathy’s team-approach to planning has been well accepted and is considered to be a unique asset by both clients and professionals.   Over twenty-five years in the financial services industry has provided her with experience in financial counseling which has now evolved into a sophisticated process using skills and techniques to facilitate difficult conversations and to produce cash flow model worksheets and charts to assist families with making more informed financial decisions.


As a Collaborative Financial Practitioner in divorce matters, Cathy has been in the forefront of the movement for financial professionals as Collaborative Practice continues to evolve.   She frequently speaks and has been published on the topics of financial issues in divorce and the evolving role of the financial professional in the divorce process. She is a past Board Member of The Int’l Academy of Collaborative Professionals and Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley.  Continues to be active in professional associations including Collaborative Practice California, Financial Planning Association®, Santa Clara County Bar Association-Family Law Section, The Association of Divorce Financial Planners, and The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™.


Cathy began her career playing an influential role in the success of a Silicon Valley start-up firm. Entrepreneurial skills, small business operations, and a long-term keen interest in investment strategies and philosophies paved the way into the financial services industry in 1992.


Cathy holds a BS in Finance and Economics, an Associates Degree in Business Administration, and has successfully completed the Certified Financial Planning program and the Professional Divorce Planning program sponsored by the national Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.  


In her spare time, Cathy enjoys family, friends, backcountry bicycling, surfing, yoga and the simple things in life. And for more fun, she enjoys being an active instructor/trainer presenting on the topic of Collaborative Practice and the financial issues in divorce.