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Process Choices: Ways to Divorce in California

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Each divorce case is different and will need to be evaluated separately depending on the circumstances of the couple and their individual needs.  In most states, there are several ways to obtain a divorce:


  1. In Pro Per - without legal representation; "do-it-yourself," "kitchen-table"
  2. Mediation - neutral 3rd party involvement where the couple decides the outcome
  3. Arbitration - 3rd party decision maker where the arbitrator decides the outcome
  4. Collaborative Practice - "no court intervention," couple decides the outcome with guidance from professionals, emphasis on family and children
  5. Litigation - each party hires an attorney to represent them, adversarial, costly, and emotionally draining; judge decides


Regardless of which method you choose for your divorce, it's imperative that you add the expertise of a financial professional.  The information that Cathy can provide is essential when making informed decisions based on the complex financial issues in your divorce case.

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