Cathy Daigle, LLC

Excellence in Financial Divorce Consulting

Our Services

Cathy Daigle, LLC believes you have the right to the best advice and access to services that will help you reach an agreement that is acceptable to your family.

We help you and your family to:

  • Identify financial hopes, concerns, interests and objectives
  • Level the playing field when one feels less knowledgeable with finances
  • Gather and organize your financial data to comply with legal requirements
  • Work together to stay focused, on track and move your process forward
  • Brainstorm settlement ideas, think outside-the-box, build creative options
  • Understand the short-term and obvious as well as the longer-term and not so obvious estimated financial consequences of your settlement ideas
  • Obtain a reality check.   Can I afford to keep the home?
  • Utilize the financial data to promote conversation and settlement
  • Preserve your emotional and financial resources by taking an educational approach; gaining knowledge to assist in making your own financial decisions

Benefits provided to you:

  • A neutral, experienced financial professional; unbiased, independent
  • Facilitation of safe, honest and informed financial conversations
  • Net Worth statements, educational worksheets and charts to help you better understand the financial picture
  • Checks and balances to help you move forward and reach agreements
  • Knowledge to empower each of you to make informed financial decisions
  • A team-approach working in conjunction with your lawyers and other professionals

We help you problem solve by providing education, facilitation, and support during your divorce process to assist you in making more informed financial decisions.


Our strategy is set within a very clear framework, not only of financial discipline but also a disciplined framework of care for all the relationships involved. This framework and process allows you to enter a phase that is about making choices and about dividing property and sharing income.


We provide financial support in both the Collaborative Practice and Mediation dispute resolution models as we work together with you and your professionals to create an interactive, integrative and cohesive process.